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NEW LeMond Alpe D'Huez

By: Chris Willis
Manager, East Cobb

Twenty years ago Greg LeMond changed the sport of cycling when he became the first American to win the Tour de France and began living a career considered by many to be legendary. Greg road his way to victory in the 1986 Tour de France and single handedly shocked the sporting world and inspired American cyclists everywhere. In the midst of his successful run, Greg was involved in a horrible hunting accident that almost cost him his life and left him in serious danger of never competing again as a professional cyclist. Following a miraculous and courageous recovery, Greg LeMond put together a comeback that stretched far beyond anything thought to be humanly possible.

After loosing twenty pounds of pure muscle that resulted in a significantly reduced physical capacity, Greg began doing everything that needed to be done to win the Tour de France again.

While training hard, Greg began refining the innovations that helped him win the 1986 Tour (wind tunnel testing, aero frames, heart rate monitors, human power output measuring devices, protective eye wear and helmets). Blending these cutting edge innovations with courage and tenacity, Greg returned to championship status when he won the 1989 Tour de France by 8 seconds and again in 1990.

The very same passion and innovation that Greg LeMond used twenty years ago to win the Tour de France is being used today by LeMond Racing Cycles. In celebration of Greg’s 20th anniversary of wining his first Tour, LeMond Racing Cycles has put together a 2007 bike line that pushes the limits of bicycle innovation. Free-Flite Bicycles recently took delivery of the new 2007 LeMond Alpe D’ Heuz and has received a glimpse of what is to come from LeMond Racing Cycles in 2007.

The 2007 LeMond Alpe D’ Huez uses a unique frame design called Spine Technology. The idea behind the spine frame platform is to divide the frame into two distinct components; the Spine and the Cockpit, each with well defined characteristics that when combined, provide the best of aluminum and carbon. The spine of the frame (which includes the head tube, down tube, bottom bracket and chain stays) is handmade in the USA of custom butted 6066 aluminum and defines how the bike climbs, handles, corners and sprints. The cockpit of the frame (which includes the top tube, seat tube and seat stays) is made in the USA of

OCLV (optimum compaction low void) carbon and gives the Alpe D’ Huez an incredibly stiff cockpit that is able to effectively damp road vibrations. The marriage of the aluminum spine and the carbon cockpit allows LeMond to deliver a road bike that is very light weight, provides world class sprinting and climbing efficiency and has a smooth ride quality.

Combined with the innovations of the Spine Technology, the Alpe D’ Huez also utilizes LeMond Geometry. LeMond Geometry is best described as a blend of very traditional European designs, with Greg’s updates for current frame materials and uses. The result is a perfect balance of speed and comfort that puts riders behind, rather than above, the pedals. This positioning utilizes the strongest muscles of the

legs to generate maximum power, opens the rib cage for better breathing and improves overall body aerodynamics. LeMond Geometry also balances body weight comfortably between seat and hands for all-day comfort. Handling and cornering also become more stable.

The 2007 LeMond Alpe D’ Huez is loaded with great performance. The new aluminum/carbon spine frame has a component line that has people looking twice at the price tag and asking if it is correct. The Alpe D’ Huez comes equipped with a Bontrager Carbon fork, Bontrager Select Wheelsystem, Shimano 105 10-speed components and a stunning paint job. The 2007 LeMond Alpe D’ Huez retails for $1,699.99 and is in stock at all three Free-Flite Bicycles locations. Stop by and see for yourself what happens when a three time Tour de France champion combines passion and innovation into road bike design.









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